SUBACO(Smart USB BAttery Charging Organizer)は,USB接続によって日々の充電情報を記録・可視化する「充電の家計簿」です.充電すべきモバイル機器の多い方向けに,いつ・どのくらい充電したかを自動で管理し,スマートフォンの充電忘れなどのヒューマンエラーを防止します.
本プロジェクトは,2017年度 東京大学工学部機械工学科IoT演習内で実施したものです.実施にあたり,IoTメディアラボラトリーによる支援を頂きました.ありがとうございました.
I developed SUBACO, a smart battery charging logger & visualizer though USB connection. It automatically manages timings and amounts of charging and prevents human errors in charging such as forgetting to charge phones.
SUBACO consists of an IoT device for measurement and data transmission and a web application for data visualization. When the device is connected between a mobile battery and a mobile device, the name of the connected mobile device and the current value is recorded. The web application displays the estimated remaining level of the mobile battery and the charge log.
By charging with SUBACO, people do not have to remember their device's charge status nor mobile battery usage.
This project was carried out as the curriculum of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 2017. I'm grateful for the support from the IoT Media Laboratory.
Source Code
Exhibitions & Presentations
伊東 健一.学科の演習でUSB充電を監視するIoTデバイスを制作した&デモした話 / SUBACO - Smart USB BAttery Charging Organizer.Android Bazaar and Conference 2018 Spring(ABC2018S) IoT縛りの勉強会!IoTLT × IoT ALGYAN(あるじゃん) 夏の大LT祭り!.東京大学本郷キャンパス,2018年6月.
伊東 健一.SUBACO: Smart USB BAttery Charging Organizer.第91回五月祭 「工学部機械系 Techno Factory」.東京大学本郷キャンパス, 2018年5月.

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