IoT Rice Cookerは全自動のIoT炊飯器キットです。
IoT Rice Cookerは、井上 功一朗氏と共同で開発したものです。伊東はデバイス側のソフトウェアや、LINEから遠隔で操作するためのWebアプリ開発を担当しました。
本プロジェクトは,東京大学 Spring Founders Programの支援を受けたものです。
The IoT Rice Cooker is a fully automatic IoT rice cooker kit.
If you set up the rice cooker, rice, and water in advance, you can send a cooking command from outside and the device will automatically cook the rice, including measuring the rice, adding water, and washing the rice. Even busy people can enjoy freshly cooked rice as soon as they come home.
The kit is equipped with a mechanism that supplies rice, washes rice, and adds water on the rack. Therefore, it can be used with a commercial rice cooker without modification.
IoT Rice Cooker was developed in collaboration with Koichiro Inoue. I developed the device-side software and the web application to control the device remotely from LINE.
This project was supported by The University of Tokyo Spring Founders Program.
Exhibitions & Presentations
IoT Rice Cooker. GUGEN2019, 2019.
IoT Rice Cooker. Maker Faire Tokyo 2019.F/02-02, 東京ビッグサイト, 2019年8月.

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