これらの提示を統合したVRアプリケーションを制作し,SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Emerging Technologiesで展示しました.
We developed AlteredWind, a multisensory wind display system that manipulates users’ perception of wind by the integration of visual, audio, and wind stimuli.
The wind displays are devices which present the sensation of wind and improve presence and immersion of virtual reality (VR). However, existing wind displays require lots of wind sources to reproduce the wind directions. Therefore we propose a method to manipulate perceived directions of the wind by the cross-modal effect in order to realize wind displays with fewer wind sources.
We present images of flowing particles and three-dimensional (3D) sounds of wind together with the wind to induce the visuo-haptic and audio-haptic cross-modal effect. We produced a VR application in which presentations of the flowing particle, the 3D sounds, and the wind are integrated. The demonstration participants will be able to experience various directions of wind from only two wind sources and realize changes in their perceived directions of the wind.
Kenichi Ito, Yuki Ban, Shin’ichi Warisawa. Alteredwind: Manipulating perceived direction of the wind by cross-modal presentation of visual, audio and wind stimuli. SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Emerging Technologies (SA ’19). pp. 3–4. Brisbane, QLD, Australia, November 2019.

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